Group Retirement Plans

As the decision-maker in your business, you are dedicated to being as efficient and profitable as possible. A first-rate group retirement plan can help you achieve this goal by providing a valuable benefit to your employees and allowing you greater ease in attracting and retaining key employees. You will maintain full control of the benefit costs and, depending on the type of plan, costs can be very minimal.

Our firm, Investment Planning Counsel (IPC), will look after the setup, on-going administration, and investment management review; we also provide retirement planning advice and service to plan members. We use the investment management services of Canada’s largest and most visible investment firms.

Whether you are establishing your first group retirement plan, or replacing a current plan that no longer suits your needs, we offer straightforward solutions that benefit your business. 

Which group plan is right for you?

We offer a choice of plans to help your employees save for retirement:

You may also consider adding one of the following supplemental plans:

We offer a comparative analysis of the above plans and we can work together to design a plan that helps you achieve your goals.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will benefit from the respected investment management and services provided by Canada’s largest and most visible Investment Management Companies. We will provide your employees with the ideal solutions for building their retirement funds and achieving their investment goals. Our portfolio solutions are customized: Each plan member’s specific risk tolerance and investment objectives are taken into consideration.