Supplementary Plans

To attract and retain good employees, consider helping them reach other goals in life. Whether your employees are setting money aside for a large purchase or saving for their children’s education, we offer helpful plans at minimal cost.

Group Registered Savings Plan
Group Registered Education Savings Plans (Group RESPs) are a popular way for employees to save for their children’s education.

Contributions are not tax-deductible, but RESP investments grow tax-free until the beneficiary withdraws the funds for post-secondary school expenses.

Group Non-Registered Payroll Savings Plan
A Group Non-Registered Payroll Savings Plan deducts contributions from your company’s payroll to a suitable investment.

Employees’ savings are always accessible and have the potential to grow considerably faster than they would in a savings account.

Salary Deferral (Sabbatical) Plan

Used mostly by teachers and medical professionals, salary deferral plans put money aside on a regular basis over several working years. The money can then be withdrawn at a later date either in a lump sum or periodically over an extended leave or sabbatical.

A formal arrangement can ensure that employees’ sabbatical incomes and all expectations and obligations are clear.