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Your Personal Wealth Management Plan may include the following services:

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Reviewing all your investments to build a portfolio that is suitable for your long-term objectives and responsive to your short-term needs. 

Reviewing all your income sources (RRIF, Pensions, and Investment) and your lifetime income needs to determine a suitable investment return, time frame, and tax effective income strategy. See plan for more details.  

Maximize TFSA contributions

  • Current maximum contributions are $75,500 per person.
  • Invest in high yielding securities in your TFSAs to shelter the income

RRSP Contributions

  • To reduce taxes while you are working and provide income for your retirement.

Portfolio Management and Service fees may be tax deductible

Needs and Risk Analysis  

  • We’ll review your current insurance coverage to make sure it provides sufficient financial security for you and your family.

One of our objectives, through integrated planning, is to coordinate, consolidate and simplify your affairs. Better planning, no conflicting advice, less confusion, more control over income flows, more efficient asset allocation and tax planning, fewer statements, simpler administration – and finally, more orderly, expedient and less costly wealth transfer to beneficiaries of your estate.

Our discretionary Portfolio Management service allows us to make timely changes to your portfolio always in keeping with your overall portfolio strategy. All trades are processed in a timely and accurate manner and you will receive written confirmation of every financial transaction.

All information you provide to us is private and confidential. Our corporate privacy policy is included in our new client welcome package that you receive with every new enrolment.