The Value of Financial Advice

Are you getting the advice you need and the service you deserve? 

Why Work with an Advisor?

The benefits of professional financial advice are invaluable to your financial success and peace of mind. Research consistently shows that investors who work with an advisor*:

Source: New Evidence on the Value of Financial Advice, Jon Cockerline, PhD, 2012 Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC); The Value of Advice Report, 2012, IFIC.

The cost and benefit of partnering with Riverdale Wealth Management:

Fees and compensation are often a mystery to prospective clients. We prefer to discuss fees up front, in our first meeting, rather than leave you wondering about the costs of our services. Like many other professionals who provide advice, financial advisors are ultimately being compensated for our time and expertise.

After reviewing your personal circumstances, we will provide you with a fee schedule. We manage your investment assets with a fee-based approach as opposed to upfront sales charges and/or trailing commissions. The fee is dependent on various factors including the size of your assets as well as the level of customized advice and wealth management services we provide to you. This transparent approach to fees is also in keeping with recent regulatory requirements regarding fee disclosure.

For clients who meet our minimum asset level of $500,000, we would waive our customary fee for the preparation of your personal Wealth Management Plan.

We are committed to full transparency regarding any costs of doing business with us and to providing you with tangible value for those costs. 

Our Commitment

We will review your current financial situation and provide you with objective advice, in plain English. Your financial alternatives will be clearly explained so that you can make the best decisions for your unique financial situation.

Wealth management is my passion as well as my profession. When you choose to work with us, we will take the time to truly get to know you and spend as much time as is necessary to make you feel comfortable with us and our process. Over the years, our focus has remained on providing our clients with sound financial planning advice, innovative investment strategies and reducing their overall taxes. I continue to be proud of my team’s consistent success in assisting our clients to achieve our mutual goal – financial security and peace of mind. We look forward to the privilege of working with you.